Mercedes-AMG GT C Edition 50

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Porsche offers two extremes at the head of its 911 range: the wild GT3, and the discreet Turbo. Both are viciously fast but go about deploying their speed in different ways. Mercedes-AMG GT C dynamics engineer Markus Hofbauer knows: he used to work for Porsche. If he had to take on a long journey, which would he pick? Surprisingly, the 911 Turbo, not the GT3 hero car.

That’s because the 911 Turbo’s character is so well suited to such an undertaking. You don’t have to feel like you’re driving a racing car to make swift progress: it’s discreet, secure and soaks up everything you can throw at it. It’s a fast business jet, to the GT3’s fighter jet tendencies.

Now he’s at Mercedes-AMG, his preferences are starting to show through there too: Its latest model, the GT C coupe, is one that Hofbauer has had a hand in. Joining the existing 550bhp GT C roadster, the new model sits above the base 496bhp GT and 515bhp GT S, but below the range-topping GT R.

It’s an increasingly broad-based range, offered as both coupes and roadsters, and it’s perhaps no accident this too mimics how Porsche does things with the 911. Here, all are based around the same 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine and gearbox, just with different levels of power and ferocity.